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Introducing Nuanced: Detecting Authenticity in the Age of AI

With AI-generated content rising, it has become vital to distinguish human-authored content from AI-generated impersonations across several contexts.

This is why we built Nuanced, a service for detecting AI-generated images. We help companies like dating apps, ad platforms, news sites, and marketplaces distinguish human-authored materials from AI-generated content.


The Authenticity Crisis

The digital landscape is increasingly flooded with AI-generated images that blur the line between real and artificial. There is no doubt that AI-generated content has enhanced different aspects of digital life, including efficient search and information retrieval, data analysis, and greater personalization. However, increased access to generative AI tools raises questions about the authenticity of online materials. Deepfakes, fraudulent content, fake user profiles, and AI-driven spam are also proliferating, costing businesses an astonishing $78 billion annually.

User-generated content platforms, once thriving communities, now grapple with the overwhelming task of preserving their integrity. For example, NewsGuard, a prominent journalism platform, identified over 600 (and counting) news sites that contained AI-generated content without human oversight or verification, with some sites generating 1200 articles a day.

AI-generated images have created several challenges, including image-driven spam across review sites, ad platforms; counterfeit product descriptions on online marketplaces, in addition to their use in more serious crimes, such as child pornography and extortion.

We protect your privacy while saving you time and money

No one wants to lose users because of fake AI content. Consumers lose trust in a platform flooded with AI-generated content, risking churn and reputational damage.

Nuanced tackles the authenticity crisis via:

  1. Privacy-first approach: We train our custom models in an environment that uses zero personally identifiable information (PII), safeguarding user privacy while effectively identifying AI-generated content.
  2. Seamless Integration: We know first-hand from our own experiences on engineering teams that businesses need solutions that seamlessly integrate into their existing infrastructure. Nuanced offers a user-friendly API that empowers developers to effortlessly integrate our models into their platforms. With us, you can concentrate on what matters most—growing your business—while we handle the battle against AI-generated images.

Whether you’re a moderation or fraud detection platform, a user-generated content giant with existing in-house abuse mitigation infrastructure, or just starting out in the fight against spam and abuse, Nuanced adapts to your stack, ensuring a seamless fit into your operations—without compromising privacy.

How it works

Nuanced provides a service that identifies AI-generated image content. Our models are trained on a wide array of architectures, such as Dalle-3, Midjourney and SDXL, with continuous integration of data from the latest AI image generators. As AI-generated images evolve in sophistication, so do we.

Our Story

Dylan and I met while studying engineering at the University of Waterloo. Each of us brings over a decade of tech industry experience.

I was most recently on GitHub's engineering team for over 7 years, addressing challenges like scaling abuse mitigation infrastructure for 100+ million users. While at GitHub, I saw AI-driven threats evolve and evade traditional detection techniques. AI-driven threats to authenticity, user attestation, and integrity were further confirmed while I was doing research for my MSc dissertation in Computer Science at the University of Oxford, which led me to found Nuanced.

Dylan has a decade of machine learning experience spanning industry and academia, culminating in a 6-year tenure as an Applied AI Scientist at Amazon.

We both agreed that online content creation and consumption was rapidly changing, making it harder to discern reality from convincing hallucinations. As we explored the imminent technical and social ramifications of AI-generated content, we felt compelled to address growing concerns.

Join us in the mission to restore authenticity and trust in the digital world.

Nuanced is a vital tool in your AI toolbelt, providing the latest in detection technology, privacy protection, and the assurance that your content remains true and genuine in an AI-driven world.

Discover Nuanced today by scheduling a demo and securing the authenticity of your service.